Case Study: The Pearl at Fort Lauderdale Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (Q2 2022)

Concierge: Mayya Burlakova
Patient’s Age: 93
Date of Admission: 5/11/2022
Admitted from: Regional Hospital
Discharge Date: 6/25/2022
Discharge To:
Length of Stay: Six weeks
How did the patient Hear about The Pearl: The patient’s nephew researched and chose The Pearl

Details of Experience:

Sharry Fogel of, age 93, came to The Pearl at Fort Lauderdale on May 16​, 2022, from the Regional Hospital. She had ​a fracture of ​the superior rim of ​the L​eft pubis. After ​the hospital, she needed extensive inpatient rehabilitation. Her nephew, from Israel, researched and advised her to choose our facility​, The Pearl at Boca. He was impressed by our physical and occupational therapy and that our community serves ​Kosher food and observe​s Jewish holidays.     

At first, Sharry was in a lot of pain and ​feeling very scared, but ​after being warmly welcomed into our community by ​our team of professionals, she realized she was in good hands. She was determined to regain her independence. She was greeted by clinicians, physicians, therapists, ​and administrative staff. The day after ​her arrival, her Physical Therapist, Chriss, and Occupational Therapist, Bill, began assessing her so she could start to work on her individual plan.

Week 1-2 of Patient’s Stay

After her evaluation, Sharry required maximum assistance for walking and transfers, which is 75-99% assistance, and she could only walk five feet.

Week 3-4

At the end of ​her 4th week here at Legacy, Sharry worked very well with her therapists. Sharry was able to perform low​er body dressing with 50% self-effort. She performed upper body bathing by herself. She walked 20 feet with minimum assistance, 40 feet ​with stand-by assistance, and 25 feet ​with contact guard assistance. She performed bed mobility without ​using side rails, ​using only stand-by assistance. She ​ stayed ​an extra two weeks to achieve her goal ​of walking up 15 stairs.

​Overall,  Sharry was at Legacy for six weeks. Sharry ​is walking 150 feet with a rolling walker, ​is stand-by assistance for transfers, ​and doesn’t need physical help, only someone close for safety. She has improved her endurance and strength. 

The patient was discharged​ on June 25, 2022. Before she left, she appreciated her physical and occupational therapists. She said: ” Chriss and Bill are very dedicated, and because of them, I could achieve my successful recovery. Everything happened for a reason. Here at The Pearl, I met wonderful people.”  She thanked her nurses and CNA for their care and very hard work. She thanked the Department of Activity for making her time pleasant after therapy. She liked the selection of our musical shows and refreshments. The social services ​team at the Legacy at Boca Raton arranged for Sharry to receive continued physical therapy at home, and Jewish Family Services will provide a private Aide for her. ​

We wish her a happy and healthy 2022.