Case Study: The Pearl at Fort Lauderdale Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (Q1 2024)

Concierge: Sam Hasson
Patient: Dhanraj Singh
Age: 65 years old
Admission Date:3/29/2023
Admitted From: Kendrick Hospital
Discharge Date: 17 days to date (4/14/24)
Reason for Stay: The patient required intense rehab due to an accident resulting in bi-lateral amputation of his legs
How did this patient hear about our community: Kendrick Hospital

Details of Experience:

Dhanraj Singh’s journey from the tragic explosion of his food truck to his remarkable progress at The Pearl is a testament to the crucial role of compassionate care. Since arriving at The Pearl on March 29, 2023, following his treatment at Kendrick Hospital, Mr. Singh has undergone an astonishing transformation. The explosion left him with severe third-degree burns and cost him both of his legs, but through his determination and the support of his caregivers, he has made significant strides in his recovery.

Despite his challenges, Mr. Singh’s positive outlook and unwavering determination shine through in his daily efforts to regain his independence. His progress is sensational from being confined to a hospital bed to walking up to 300 feet with contact guard assist. The progress is a testament to his own resilience, as well as the expertise and dedication of his therapist, Jon, as well as Todd Shaffhauser and Dennis Oehler – Gold Medal Champions at the Paralympics and the driving force behind CareRite’s Comprehensive Amputee Rehabilitation Program and Amputee Walking School, whom he admires greatly.

Equally significant to Mr. Singh’s recovery is the supportive environment provided by The Pearl’s staff. He speaks fondly of the CNAs and Nurses who tend to his needs with respect. He said, “The CNAs and nurses treat me like family.” This nurturing atmosphere has been pivotal in his physical and emotional well-being at The Pearl.

Looking ahead, Mr. Singh’s dreams extend beyond his rehabilitation. Despite the challenges he has faced, his passion for cooking remains strong. He wishes to reopen his food truck upon discharge, eager to share his culinary creations with the world once more. In the face of adversity, Mr. Singh’s story teaches the power of resilience, compassionate care, and determination to overcome obstacles and pursue one’s passions.

Mr. Singh, the staff at The Pearl, wishes you much success as you continue your journey towards better health and renewal.